Have Your Heard of Jesus' "Heavenly Things"?

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When Jesus came to earth, he presented people with his earthly things. And a glimpse of his "earthly things" can be seen in what he said in John 3. 1-12: God's love, eternal life, born-again, born of spirit and of water, being like the wind.

Though earthly (designed by God for easy understanding of people on earth) yet, many of those who heard them found it hard to believe them, including Nicodemus. To this day, churches and denominations still debate over the "earthly things" of Jesus Christ and still partly believe them. They also debate over speaking in tongues and eternal security and holiness which are also part of Jesus' earthly things.

Earthly things are those that benefit us while we're on earth---salvation, repentance, church administration, church ministries, spiritual gifts, etc. Heavenly things are those that we need or have when are in heaven already---unfading glory, ever-increasing glory, surpassing glory, immortality, perfection, our share in the divine nature, etc.

And the most wonderful part of heavenly teaching is how we should have the heavenly things now while still on earth---"your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." The church has not yet walked in this truth. They have stopped with denominational things which are nothing but worldly (not included in Jesus' earthly things).

Jesus told Nicodemus that unless we believe Jesus' earthly things we can never understand his heavenly things.
I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things? [John 3.12]
As long as churches still have their differences in their denominational doctrines, they will never be fit for heavenly things. So all they have today are their beautiful church buildings, properties, church income, worship programs. worship teams, choirs, titles and degrees, denominational doctrines, human theology, and things like that. All earthly. All temporary and physical. What the physical eyes see are temporary and often just lies.

Join Unseen Glory on this spiritual quest and get past everything carnal and human to learn Jesus' heavenly things. Then you begin to see wonderful things in the Gospel, things earthly people will never see. To them, it's the Unseen Gospel. To us, by God's grace and mercy, it's Jesus' heavenly Gospel.

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