What is the Unseen Gospel?

To make things easier for me, I have merged my two blogs---God's Flesh and Unseen Gospel---into one. While retaining this blog, Unseen Gospel, for reference, I now put new articles on the new Unseen Gospel section of my GOD's Flesh blog.

So, if you have been following my articles here, you can continue to enjoy them on my GOD's Flesh blog. To go there now, just click on this link. Pretty soon, that blog will contain more articles on Unseen Gospel than this blog.

For now, read all the articles here and also visit the Unseen Gospel section of my GOD's Flesh blog.

What Really is Unseen Gospel

A lot of people ask what Unseen Gospel is. Is it another gospel? Is it something outside the bible? It's actually portions of the Gospel in the bible (as well as other parts of the bible) which often remain unnoticed and rarely discussed or preached about.

But they're nonetheless as important as the popular portions. In fact, sometimes more important than passages we are familiar with. But because they remain obscure to the naked eyes, we forfeit ourselves of the other, often larger portions or areas of God's Kingdom if we keep missing them.

We need to see them so we can get the whole picture of what God is doing presently about Kingdom building and how He is preparing His glorious church for the last days---especially the last and greatest revival in church history before Jesus Christ comes back.

So, if you are interested in Christ's glorious church, which is without spot or wrinkle, and genuine church revival, always visit our new Unseen Gospel on God's Flesh.

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