How Deadly is the Yeast of the Pharisees Today?
Jesus always took time only for important things. So one day, he took time to tell his disciples to beware of the yeast, or teachings, of the Pharisees, One of their teachings is stressing traditions of men rather than God's Word.

And why do you break the command of God for the sake of your tradition? [Matthew 15.3]
Denominations are all fond of this--teaching their traditions (denominational doctrines, rules and policies) and putting in some bible verses here and there to support them and get more people inside their churches. Jesus never did this. He taught God's spoken Word to proclaim God's Kingdom, not any church denomination. He never preached the Word to increase his church membership and income. He did it to give people a chance for a true life with God in him.

I came that they may have life, abundantly. [John 10]

Men's teachings make you see only what men crave for--material possessions, money, positions, self-centerdness, titles, etc. Things the Pharisees and law teachers valued. Spiritually, you eat what Pharisees love, you later get their life, character and ministry. You become what they eat. You become what you eat. Thus, Jesus' admonition--beware of the yeast of the Pharisees.

If you want God's Kingdom and loathe men's church denominations, eat what Jesus ate and never eat food with the yeast of church denominationalism.

When Jesus mentioned about the yeast of the Pharisees (beware, just a little of it goes a long way), all the disciples could think of was food for flesh. Nothing more. They thought Jesus was referring to the fact that they forgot to bring bread. Years of eating nothing spiritually but that yeast made them like that--interpreting God's Word by always relating it to something of value only in the fleshly realms. Today, lots of churches can think of nothing but material blessings and how to succeed in this world when they read about God's blessings and promises in the bible.

For instance, They give their tithes so they can get back more and have more. They give so it will given back to them, pressed down, shaken together and running over. These promises are sure, but they're not intended like a business, like a money-making scheme to enrich givers so they can hoard more wealth for themselves.

God intends them so church people can give them all up (give up everything, not just a portion!) and the church can distribute the material blessings equally to all, especially those who have need. That's what the apostles did in Acts. That's God's will for your riches--and no one can change that Word.

But Peter, because he's been eating the yeast of the Pharisees for years before Jesus came, tried to stop Jesus from fulfilling the cross--the highest blessing of all but which is a stumbling block to the Jews and foolishness to the wise. Perhaps, because Peter was envisioning a kingdom where material blessings in Israel would finally be abundant again, as in the days of King Solomon (and probably why Peter gave up everything for Jesus), he didn't like the idea of the cross.

So, Jesus referred to him as "Satan" because he only had in mind the things of men, not the things of God. That's how deadly the yeast of the Pharisees was. That's how deadly men's teachings are today. You feed on it--even a small portion--and God sees you as Satan--just because all you value is what men value.

You think murder, robbing a bank, or adultery are the only sins that will get people to hell? Nope. If you have in mind only the things of men, then Jesus calls you "Satan." And I can't imagine anyone whom Jesus calls "Satan" ending up in heaven. Good that Peter was changed radically.

So, even if you are super active in church, involved in this and that ministry, in church planting and evangelism, a real tither and giver--but you have in mind only the things of men (church denominationalism and activities related to that), then you're nothing but a Satan to God. Remember, Peter was so "active" in Jesus' ministry and yet Jesus himself called him Satan.

I wonder how many Satans there are today who do excellently in ministry. highly respected in church circles, and even have mega churches everywhere?

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