ADAM AND JESUS: Clue to Redemption and Password to God's Present Move

Adam missed the point due to one fatal mistake, but a lot of valuable things in the spirit realms can be gleaned from what God did to him, especially on the coming of the Second Adam, Jesus Christ. This Jewish Christian, Steve Ben-Denoon, shares astonishing finds on the move of God in Eden which is directly linked to the Present Move of God in the end times--from Jesus' time to the present.

I was particularly impressed by how the supernatural work of God necessitated the need to put Adam to a deep sleep (or apply spiritual anesthetic) to perform an operation where Eve was taken out from the body of Adam, and in the same way put Jesus to deep sleep (death in Hebraic culture is "sleep" or "rest") to derive his glorious church from his own body--from his own DNA. 

In these last days, it is vital to focus on God's present move to Jesus' glorious church (which is without spot or wrinkle or any blemish) and how this church will build the Kingdom of God on earth according to God's blueprints. This last move of God before the Second Coming has nothing to do with church denominations. 

Men's churches never tell it like this.

Ben-Denoon did a lot more comparisons worth looking into, and here's the video:

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