Your Food is Your Medicine
Your food is your medicine and your medicine your food.

Sounds familiar? It was Hippocrates who said it, Greek physician and father of Western medicine. But actually, it was God's original. God just made Hippocrates see this truth which the latter declared and made him historically popular for it. It's really God's idea that our food is our medicine and our medicine is our food.

And when God speaks, it applies to both the spiritual and physical realms--but the natural comes first, and then the spiritual, said Paul [1 Corinthians 15.46]. Just as the first Adam was physical, the second Adam spiritual. So natural food, too is your medicine and your medicine natural food. The same is true with spiritual food--it's your only spiritual medicine.

God's Food: The Only True Spiritual Medicine

When someone is spiritually sick, his only true medicine is spiritual food--the WORD of GOD. Jesus never mentioned anything more about spiritual food except that it's His spoken Word.
  • "Man does not live by bread only but by every Word from the mouth of God."
  • "My food," said Jesus, "is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work. The Father's will was for him to give his life for many and proclaim it through His Word.
  • "For my flesh is real food." Jesus is the Word of God. His flesh is the Word.
Hence, when someone is spiritually sick or dying, his only real medicine is the Word of God. Not anything else.

But churches today administer various cures for people who are sick spiritually:
  • They make them join their choirs or worship team to "encourage them."
  • They make them head church activities, again to "encourage them" in church.
  • They do church sports and concerts.
  • They visit them in their homes to try to please them.
  • They try counseling the way psychologists do it.
  • They urge them to keep attending church on Sundays and listen to sermons.
  • They urge them to attend Sunday school.
All these sound good but they're far from being food taken as medicine for healing. God's healing is simply through this: "He sent out his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave," [Psalm 107.20]. It doesn't say he sent his "concerts" or "church programs" or Sunday worship services." I know, the Word seems to be preached in churches on Sundays, but the question is, is it the Word God sent out to heal? Or is it the word man sent out, designed to keep people in church?

Eaten Word

Food as medicine should be eaten, not watched, smelled, or displayed. In a lot of churches today, the Word is never eaten. It's just watched, smelled, delighted in, made fun of (bible quiz), displayed, or promoted. But not eaten. Eating is different--it changes you radically, and radical change is what churches DO NOT WANT. All they want are cosmetic changes so the world would love the church.

Eating is when you get really healed. You look different from how you looked when you were sick. Have you seen people who take their synthetic medicines and get a little well but look just as sick? That's because synthetic is not for the body. The same with church. People "eat" synthetic religious food and feel a bit well but never get really healed. Why? Because synthetic is not for the body.

Here are some synthetic religious foods (which can prove toxic and acidic):
  • Denominational doctrines
  • Human theology
  • Sermons designed to keep people in church
  • Revival services that never amount to anything except temporary relief 
In some cases, the Word of God is really there in church, but it's just for display. People are actively sharing it with non-believers, they study it seriously, and even pursue high education. But it's all for display--for increasing church membership to attain mega church status. To be popular. But worse, there's no real radical change inside. If you took the bible out, they'd all look like the World.

It's useless to have the best nutritious food at home in your ref if all you do with it is keep it there for display. No matter how much nutritious food you have, you won't get healed.

Eating the Word makes you the Word, because you eat Jesus' flesh. You don't become Jesus Christ but the Word takes over you. Even without bibles, your life becomes the bible. That's eating Jesus' flesh and drinking Jesus' blood. 

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