LOSE WEIGHT WITH GOD: And Get Relevant Tips from Medical Science, Too!

Lose weight with God? I know a lot of people will raise their eyebrows at this, as if it's something God cannot do. If you believe nothing is impossible with God, then this ought not to be big deal, right? You can lose weight and be in tiptop health and shape with God as your weight loss coach! If you have the imagination to visualize yourself and God in your weight loss program, then we invite you to know more about this through our e-book, "How to Lose Weight with God's Word and Medical Science!"

God's Word is super powerful with mind and heart motivation. If it can motivate the sick to get healed supernaturally, it can definitely motivate anyone to get fit and healthy. What's more difficult for you to believe, heal the sick, raise the dead, or get fit and healthy with God's Word? It's often the second one that's difficult to have faith in--raise the dead. But God did that to Christ and Christ did that to a number of people. It should be a piece of cake for him to make you lose weight.

The e-book is not about magic--how you'd read the bible tonight and magically become slim the next day. It is more on motivating your heart and mind to aim well at your weight loss target and determine to hit it, come what may. Plus, how medical science supports the bible passages and tips on how to make it more practical.

With God and medical science on your side, how can you fail? If you still fail, then try again. And again. That's how faith works. If it doesn't happen now, then probably tomorrow, and the next day. and the next. and so on. Abraham kept believing even if his body was almost dead and Sarah was dead barren! Then one day it happened! I'm not saying your weight loss will happen a hundred years from now. I'm saying it can happen! Nothing is impossible with God!

You don't need to search the bible and see where the passages are. Just buy the e-book and save yourself the trouble of looking where the relevant verses are. Enough verses are found in the e-book plus medical findings to back them up!

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