Zacchaeus: He Wanted Jesus and Got Saved [2]
In evangelism, there should be an element of God-coordination. Everything we do should be led by the Holy Spirit and coordinated with his actions, plan, and timing. We cannot just hit anywhere and anyone just to create an increase. Hence, I think, in sharing God's Word, everything ought to be well prayed for and done only by those who really know God--his ways and timing--those who have a genuine relationship with the Lord. The goal is to build God's Kingdom on earth, not man's church denominations.

There was a great crowd but I believe Jesus passed by Jericho just for Zacchaeus. There was this divine appointment, and when Jesus reached that exact "spot" where the appointment was, he looked up and told Zacchaeus, "I must stay at your house today!" Now, see the word must? Zacchaeus didn't know it but perhaps among them--the Son, the Father, and the Holy Spirit--there was a prior-plan to meet up with Zacchaeus and only with him. Well, there were others in the crowd waiting for Jesus, but they'd get nothing but "blessings." That's all they want and need anyway. They get that and they live happily ever after. 

That day was Zacchaeus' day, according to the timetable of the Kingdom. We must operate like that, not like politicians campaigning for themselves on election period, always eager to get a mammoth crowd, repeatedly inviting people, following them up, pestering and even forcing or "buying" their votes.

Of course, campaigns like that do produce instant churches, even mega churches, but the fruit is nothing of the Kingdom. I've seen it. There was this church, for instance, that was haphazardly organized and the membership was artificially produced. You know--like politicians making hollow promises just to secure people's votes. So the church was produced. But when it joined a musical contest among churches one day, it cheated. I laughed! You call that new creations in Christ, willing to cheat just to win a contest?

I even saw for myself how supposedly "Christian" churches and pastors fiercely fought each other as worldly people would just because they each thought the other was cheating in their sports fest.

Anyway, look at what God-coordinated evangelism produces. Zacchaeus volunteered: "Look, Lord! Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount.” What Jesus had stipulated was giving up everything, not just half of one's possessions. But probably, by God's grace, Jesus saw Zacchaeus' heart and saw that half his possessions was good enough, plus the bonus of paying those whom he had cheated, if any, fourfold. 

The point is, Zacchaeus volunteered to give up things not inline with the Kingdom. I haven't seen anything like this in real life. Have you seen a rich believer who thought of nothing but how to use his wealth for the Kingdom? I've seen those who donate for denominational causes, and they often do it to get special citations later and some clout to control the church and the pastor. Some rich guys I saw go to church just to have God protect their riches. Others give money so God can give them twice or 10 times more. Zacchaeus had no ulterior motives like that. No wonder Jesus excitedly announced salvation coming to his house. Genuine salvation.

Then Jesus said he came "to seek" and save the lost. And obviously, he literally sought Zacchaeus out! Intentionally! We should be like that. We should align our evangelism efforts with God's intention or motive, timing, and overall plan and not just desire to have more church members.

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