I Saw Two Angels

I saw two angels walking, seriously looking around as if searching for someone. Later, I learned that God had tasked them to look for a church on earth with a powerful worship. Once they found one, they were to call other angels to join the worship. So they went here and there, just going past big, awesome worship concerts, mega churches, and expressive worship church services, as if they saw and heard nothing, their faces intent at finding one powerful worship.

Suddenly, their faces brightened and they stopped. One angel said: "Wait! Did you hear that?"

"Yes, I heard it!" said the other excitedly.

I saw them turning their heads around looking for where the distinct sound was coming from. Immediately, they started through a big crowd of people, past pedestrians on the sidewalk, and finally into a small, old shopping complex. There, in an inconspicuous corner, was a middle aged couple softly singing a worship song to God while the infant carried by the woman enjoyed listening to it.

Yes, the baby was obviously listening to the song and smiling, with serious wonder on his face. The couple, being former choir members, had their voices blended well--a tenor and an alto--with hearts wholeheartedly singing to God in soft whispers. This was the small distinct sound that caught the ears of the two angels I saw walking.

Now the two angels were worshiping God with the couple and the baby, and gradually other warrior angels joined in. About a hundred of them surrounded the singing couple with several others, bigger than they were, positioned themselves at the back, with drawn swords, seemingly standing guard. The baby looked around at the majestic heavenly choir around them and marveled at the brightness surrounding them.

Of course, only the baby actually saw the angelic choir. The couple didn't have a hint about what was going on around them.

As soon as the worship ended, the choir of warrior angels disappeared from my sight, and the couple and baby were left alone. "I enjoyed that!" the 53-year old grandpa remarked. The 48-year old woman smiled at him and said, "Praise God!"

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