You Believe the Promises But They Don't Seem to Work for You
Have you experienced how God's promises don't seem to work for you, though you believe them with all your heart? Well, the good news is, you're not alone. Probably thousands of other believers have the same problem.

Often, our prayers can't even seem to deal with simple headaches and fevers. We pray with all our hearts, claim promises in the bible, but the headache and fever continues. Well, at least, many others experience the same thing. You're not alone.

Another good news is, God's promises are designed to work for you, no matter what your experience with them is--even if no promise of God seems to work in your life at the moment. In truth, He wants all his promises to work for you. Remember this passage?
Ask and it will be given to you; [Matthew 7.7]
As simple as that. Just ask.

But often, we get nothing.

God wants to have his promises work in your life, daily, but sometimes they don't seem to because of certain blockages that clog your faith. When we're exposed to too much religious teachings and too much of the world, clutter starts clogging the smooth flow of faith from our hearts to the fulfillment of God's promises in our lives.

So, the thing is how to get rid of the clogging and stop the clutter from collecting inside our faith system. Clutter comes when religion makes faith complicated--especially when different denominations tell you different and divergent things--and especially if they contradict the bible. Then add to that what we regularly get from the world via the Net, TV, newspapers or radio.

You want to get out of the mess?
This e-book will help you identify problems and fix them when God's Promises don't seem to work for you. Sometimes, everything seems like a joke. But you have to know what to do when such seasons come. Remember, there's a time for everything.

A time for planting and a time for harvesting. When you're a seed planted deep in the soil, your surroundings get dark. There's no light deep down in the soil. And then the seed dies before it pops up above ground. See?

To learn more about such times--and get tips on how to make God's promises work for you--get a PDF copy of the e-book, "When God's Promises Don't Seem to Work for You."

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